AGENCIA MARÍTIMA BLÁZQUEZ S.LSpainA24 – B21Logistical services: export, import, containers, forwarding agents, stevedores, warehousing, ship agents
AGROURBANASpainA24 – B21Halal meat: production, bovine and ovine livestock trade
AL-ANDALUZZASpainA20Halal food: production, trade, sausage, veal
AL-HANA GROUPLibyaB02- C03Halal Food: restaurants, catering, food, staple food, dates
Distribuidor en exclusiva de la Canned Burger Siglo XXI
SpainC09-EHalal meat: commercialization, distribution, Canned Burger Siglo XXI, hamburger, gourmet
ALMAZARA DEORTEGAS S.LSpainA24 – B21Agriculture: organic farming, cultivation, canning, oil
AL SHARIFSpainC13Halal meat: frozen food, beef, poultry
AMBAR CONNECT S.LSpainA03International Relations: consultancy, counseling, cultural, educational, sports and institutional relations
BALKIS GOURMETSpainC16Halal meal: Manufacture, processing, distribution, sausages, hams and other meat products
BODEGAS MAYADOR – MAYSpainB20Halal sparkling juices: apple sparkling juices, Halal vinegars
BOTANIKA BY IRCOS MAROCMoroccoA21Halal Cosmetics: oils, beauty, serums, shea butter, natural products, creams
BOVISASpainA24 – B21Halal meat: livestock sector, calves
C.R.I.G.P. CORDERO DE EXTREMADURA ‘CORDEREX’SpainC09-GHalal meat: lamb meat, meat industry
CAMPO RICOSpainB14Halal Food: vegetables’ production, packing and distribution
CARNES MOHASpainC06Halal Meat: lamb, meat industry
CÁMARA DE COMERCIO DE MARRUECOSSpainA27Official organism: association, promote, economic, commercial and cultural relations
CÁRNICAS MEDINASpainC28Halal meat: frozen and fresh boneless beef meat , burguers, and portionate beef meat
CHOCOLATES MARUJA S.LSpainA18Chocolates: Delicatessen products, gourmet food, cocoa and chocolate products, compounds, sandwich filled biscuits, wafers, cocoa and hazelnut spreads
CODES HALALSpainC02Halal Meat: lamb feeder
COLDKITSpainC23Services: production, cold, quality, hotels, restaurants, catering, equipment, kitchens
DELIKATHASpainC18Halal Food: Meat industry, processed food, snacks, pasty, chocolate, dairy and frozen products
DEOVINOSpainC26Halal Meat: lamb, processed, fresh or frozen, packed
EL CASERIO, S.ASpainC14Halal Sweets: confectionery, biscuits and pastry, sweets, sugar, pistachio, pine seed
EL CORTE INGLÉS DEPARTMENT STORES SPAIN & PORTUGALSpainA06 – A08Tourism: retail, shopping tourism, services, textile, food, gourmet, supplier, lifestyle
EL ENCINAR DE HUMIENTA S.ASpainC09-DHalal meat: slaughterhouse, bovine cutting plant
El RINCÓN DE FEHMISpainA15Lifestyle: handcrafter rugs, lamps, jewelry, purses
ELGORRIAGASpainA22Chocolates Halal: production, distribution, biscuits, chocolate
ESMAUAEB11Standardization: standardization body, government, metrology
EUROPEAN SUPREME HALAL COUNCILLuxembourgA33Certification: audit and control, counselling, Halal certification, food sector, tourism, services
EXCLUSIVE SPAIN TOURSSpainB05Tourism: services, leisure travel, corporate travel, meetings, congresses, conferences, social events and incentives
FRIBINSpainB12Halal meat: slaughterhouse and bovine cutting plant
GOLDEN WORLDWIDE TRADESpainB06-B/CLogistics: import, export, trading, distribution, supply and consulting
GOLD FUSIONSpainA39Halal sparkling juices: apple sparkling juices
GREENVAL EXPORTACIONESSpainA12-A14-A16Logistics: import, export, trading, distribution, supply and consulting
HALAL FOOD & QUALITYSpainC30Certification: audit and control, counselling, Halal certification, food sector, tourism, services
HALIDEALBelgiumC15Halal food: Sauce, fish, Samourai Sauce
HERO ESPAÑA, S.ASpainC17Baby food, jams, fruit or cereal ingredients for industrial use and dietetics.
IMANORMoroccoA25Certification: audit and control, counselling, Halal certification, food sector, tourism, services
INCOAN, S.LSpainB15Halal food: baking products, finger food, artisan products, Halal products, private label
INPANASASpainC12Halal food: industrial baking, eggs, honey, natural yogurt, sunflower oil
INSTITUTO HALALSpainC20 – C22Certification: audit and control, counselling, Halal certification, food sector, tourism, services
ISLA DELICIAFranceB16Halal food: production, commercialization, sausages, delicatessen
JUNTA DE EXTREMADURASpainB06 – C09Official organism: Regional Government
LEVERAGE BUSINESS SDN. BHDMalaysiaC11Halal Sweets: candies, gummies, jellies, soft candy
MADBA – LUXURY MUSLIM FRIENDLY TRAVEL AGENCYSpainA10Tourism: travel agency, Tourism promotion, International market, Madrid, culture, business, national, premium services
MADRID DESTINO CULTURA TURISMO Y NEGOCIOSpainB01 – B03Tourism: Tourism promotion, International market, Madrid, culture
MEDINA AL ANDALUSSpainA37Lifestyle: tourism, leisure, culture, design, theme park
MERCANTIA DESARROLLOS ALIMENTARIOS SLSpainA35Food: beverages, sauces, vinegars, processing
Ministerio de Ganadería de NígerOfficial organism: technological advances, food security, sustainable development.
MORALEJO SELECCIÓNSpainC04Halal Meat: sheep, cattle, cutting, cooked food
NAKHEEL PALESTINE FOR AGRICULTURAL INVESTMENT LTD.PalestineB13Halal Food: exporter, consultant, fruits, dates, dairy-free, gourmet food
OVINORSpainC24Halal Meat: lamb breeding and feeding, livestock
OVINOS MANCHEGOSSpainC08Halal meat: lamb and beef production
PIMENTÓN DE LA VERA LAS COLMENILLASSpainB06-AHalal food: manufacturing of paprika La Vera
PORT OF CARTAGENASpainA24 – B21Logistics: containers, general cargo and cruise traffic, fruit and vegetable terminal
RABAT EXPORTSpainC10Meat Halal: Import, export of cattle, cattle breeding, bovine, sheep and goat livestock
READY CAR & VANSSpainA19Services: car rental with chauffeur, cars, vans, luxury, buses, transfer, business, tourism
REGION OF MURCIA, SPAINSpainA24 – B21Official organism: innovation, internationalization, financing, entrepreneurship
SANITAS HOSPITALESSpainB07Services: hospitals, medicine, health centers, experts, doctors
SOMADIRMoroccoA23Halal food: distribution, export, yeast, products, purees, bakery industry, biotechnology
UNIVERSAL INSPECTORATE & SERVICES CO. LTD.MaltaB17Services: inspection, local and international standards
VIANDES ROUGES EXTRA HALALSpainB18 – C21Meat Halal: beef cutting, packing, filleting and mincing fresh meats, as well as fresh and frozen meat products, storage
WAGYU IBERICO, CARNES DE LA SIERRA ONLINE S.LSpainC09-FHalal meat: cattle beef farm, fresh meat, frozen meat, meat products, meats, sausages and cured sausages