About The Exhibition

The term Halal refers to the healthy actions, services and products allowed for Muslims.

The rapid growth of the Halal industry in Europe provides great national and international business opportunities.

With a population of more than 44 million Muslims, the continent has become an important market to develop the Halal industry. Due in part to the high purchasing power of this community, the European Halal industry is valued at 70 billion dollars.

As Maghreb’s gateway to Europe, Spain has a long Andalusian tradition and excellent relations with the MENA region countries.

EXPOHALAL will gather the highest quality products of the Halal industry. A meeting point of Halal buyers and suppliers between East and West.


Be part of the European
leading Halal Exhibition

Why The Mediterranean?

Mediterranean countries enjoy excellent weather conditions. This explains why many countries from the area are leading on the Tourism sector and the agro food industry.

The Mediterranean diet has been listed as Unesco intangible cultural heritage since 2010.

Why Spain?

Spain is a leading country in the agro food sector. The agro food exports have reached a value of 38.000 million euros, this represents a 16,2% of
the national total exports.

Its strategic location between Europe and Africa, its excellent relations with the Gulf countries and the rapid growth of the European Halal industry
have turned Spain into a key agent on the Halal global markets.